TODD LOFFREDO Inducted 2005

TODD LOFFREDO Inducted 2005Generally recognized as the greatest player in the history of American foosball, Todd Loffredo has earned more than eighty major titles during the course of his nearly three-decade-long career. Still considered one of the sports best, Todd has teamed with partner Frederic Collignon to win 8 of the last 11 Tornado world doubles titles, while also earning 3 world championships on the European tour. Since 1990 Loffredo has won an amazing twelve of the eighteen Tornado World Open Doubles Championships that have been held, playing with three different partners, Gus Trevino (1990, '92), Scotty Wydman (1994, '95), and of course Collignon (1998-'02, 2004,' 05, '06, '08). Todd burst onto the scene back in 1977 when he and partner Gil Jackson shocked the foosball world by winning the World Open Doubles Championship in St. Louis on the Tournament Soccer table. Since then Todd has become a true table soccer icon, using his unparalleled skills to claim victories in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles, while playing both positions. His legendary pull-shot and remarkable all around table sense, along with an uncanny ability to make the right play at the right time, have earned Loffredo the reputation of being perhaps the most intimidting player in the history of the sport. "He is fearless", said one long time Loffredo opponent.