2012 Bart O'Hearn Celebration DVDs.

This 3 disc, 6 hour DVD set features one of the greatest finals performances of recent years as Robert Mares and Tony Spredeman squared off for the Open Singles title. This DVD set also includes great performances from Brandon Moreland, Blake Robertson, Tracy McMIllin, Tommy Adkisson and others.

The 2012 Tornado Worlds: Collignon Triples at his "Final Tournament"

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This 10 hour set features the amazing Frederic Collignon and Todd Loffredo going for a record 12th Tornado World tile against the red hot team of Tom Yore and Terry Rue in the Open Doubles final. Terry Rue was also a major contender in Open Singles, as he experienced the best tournament of his career with two top-3 finishes. This exciting set also features performances from top Tornado stars Ryan Moore, Tony Spredeman, Billy Pappas, Rob Mares, Dave Gummeson, Tracy McMilllin, Brando Moreland, as Inside Foos returned to Dallas to cover one of the best Tornado Worlds in many years.

2012 National Championship DVD Sets. 8 hours of action!

Order the 2012 National Championship DVD set and watch some of the best action of the pro tour season! This 4 disc, 8 hour set features top foosball stars Ryan Moore, Tony Spredeman, Billy Pappas, Todd Loffredo, Rob Mares, Dave Gummeson, Tom Yore, Terry Rue and more. You'll also see the historic performance of 18-year-old Don "Butch" Buczkowski, who shocked the foosball world with two major top-3 finishes.

The 2012 Full Season DVD Package. 8 major events & 30 total DVDs!

Order the Inside Foos Full Season Package and SAVE $140 off regular single event pricing! You'll get eight different DVD sets from events held in the USA and Germany. This package includes the Tornado National Championships and World Championships, the P4P European Championships and German Championships, the Texas State Championships, Bart O' Hearn Celebration and North Carolina State Championships. And now we've added the Fireball World Championship Series from Taiwan! Order now and pay just $195 for everything that we produced during the 2012 foosball season. A $145 savings!

2010 Inside Foos Full Season Package...58 Hours of Foos Now Only $175.00!

Order the 2010 Full Season Package and receive ten 2010 DVD sets that Inside Foos produced during the just-completed pro tour season. You'll get all the Tornado event action along with exciting European tournament footage, including the P4P World Championships and Deutsche Meisterschaft events from Germany. You'll also receive selected Warrior and Fireball events and much more...a total of  29 DVDs and 58 hours of pro tour action!

2010 Tornado Worlds DVDs. 5 Discs - 10 Hours of Action!

The 2010 Tornado World Championships DVD set is now available. The Tornado Worlds took place this past September 1-6 in Grapevine, Texas and again featured the sport's biggest names and greatest players. Ryan Moore staged one of the greatest performances in recent worlds history as he won the Open Singles title with a win over Billy Pappas in the finals. Collignon and Loffredo also went for a 10th career title together in a finals match up with Moore and partner Bob Diaz. This year's DVD set consists of 5 discs and 10 hours of championship action.

INSIDE FOOS PRODUCTIONS: Covering the world of pro Table Soccer since 1993. More than 180 titles available!

Inside Foos Productions has been the official video producers of the American professional Foosball tour for the past 25 years.  Our videos are digitally recorded using a multi-camera set-up and feature the play-by-play commentary of Hall of Fame announcer Jim Stevens, with analysis from some of the sport's top professional players. In 2006 Inside Foos Productions also began covering the biggest events in the world of international table soccer, which has resulted in even greater exposure for the exciting sport of Table Soccer. From beginning players to the world's top players, Inside Foos Videos and Full Season Packages are enjoyed for their entertainment and instructional value by "Foosers" in more than 40 different countries. To watch a collection of short Inside Foos Highlight Clips please visit the InsideFoos Channel at YouTube.com. For questions about our Videos, or anything pertaining to the world of table soccer, please email INSIDEFOOS1@GMAIL.COM.

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