2014 Colorado State Championship Videos

This video set, recorded in Thornton, Colorado this past November 7-9, includes some sensational action from one of America's best table soccer events. Order the download version and get more than 18 hours of action! You'll see amazing performances from Ryan Moore, Todd Loffredo, Tony Spredeman, Trevor Park, Gummeson & McMillin and more! Please choose either Downloads or DVDs below. DVD set includes 8 hours of championship action.


2014 P4P Deutsche Meisterschaft Videos (German Championships)

Order either the download or DVD version. The download version includes all the matches that Inside Foos recorded in Bonn, Germany this past October 31-November 2. Click "Order Download Now" for downloads. A link will be sent within a few hours.

Click HERE for Match Listings

2014 Bart O'Hearn Celebration Videos.

Get DVDs or Downloads of this prestigious event recorded in Austin, Texas October 24-26. The Download version will include every match recorded by Inside Foos at the event, as well as the Bart O'Hearn Memorial Ceremony. Select DVD or Download below, right. Videos will be ready for delivery the week of November 17.

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The 2014 Battleground Open from Houston, Texas

This exciting video set includes performances from top American stars Tony Spredeman, Terry Rue and Trcay McMIllin. Order the download version and get all the matches recorded this past July at Fast Eddies in Houston. More than 12 hours of action!

NOTE: If you order the download, a link will be sent to you within 24 hours.


2014 P4P World Championships (Weltmeisterschaft)

Get this exciting video set on DVD or Download! Watch great performances by Billy Pappas, Robert Atha, Phillip Pauli, Christian Szule, Thierry Muller and more! More than 12 hours of table soccer action!

To order the download click Download Video Now! A Download link will be sent to you within 24 hours.

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2014 Tornado National Championship Videos.

This video set is now available for downloading or on DVD and features great performances from Todd Loffredo, Ryan Moore, Johnny Horton and others. Complete video listings are below. Order the download and get all 8 videos. More than 13 hours of action! DVD order includes 6 hours of open action.

Get the 2014 Full Season Video Package. More than 90 hours of action now available for Download!

Get the 2014 Inside Foos Full Season Package and save! You'll receive every video set that Inside Foos produced during the 2014 season on DVD or Download. More than 50 hours of 2014 championship action included on the DVDs! More than 90 hours of action included with the download version.

The Inside Foos Full Season package includes action from ten 2014 events:

Hall of Fame Classic, Texas State Championships, Tornado Nationals, Houston Battleground Open, P4P World Championships, Tornado Worlds, Bart O'Hearn Celebration, P4P German Championships, Colorado State Championships and Warrior Super Doubles

2014 Hall of Fame Classic Download. Great action from Las Vegas!

This exciting video set features great performances from some of the USA's top table soccer players. Please click ORDER DOWNLOAD NOW below.


2013 P4P German Championships: Frederic Collignon makes a triumphant return to the world's largest foosball event.

This 4 disc, 8 hour DVD set includes the return to P4P of Frederic Collignon and a special appearance form American star Billy Pappas. You'll see one of the best matches in P4P history as Collignon & Pappas face-off against Bjorn Brose and Knuth Strecker in a classic confrontation that won't soon be forgotten by anyone who was in attendance.

2013 Bart O'Hearn Celebration DVDs

This 6 hour set includes the masterful performance of Dave Gummeson and Tracy McMillin in the Open Doubles event, along with appearances from 8 different Master players. Pictured: The Bart O'Hearn Memorial Trophy.

Amazing finals performance highlights Warrior Super Doubles.

This exciting DVD set includes the amazing performance of 17 year old Michael Stahl, Jr. and 18 year old Mike Bridgman as they defeated some of the sport's biggest stars to win the the Super Doubles title. Stahl' and Bridgman's road to the title included wins over world champions Liz Moore & Christina Fuchs and Billy Pappas & Rob Atha, and a victory over the Open Doubles champs Trevor Park & Todd Loffredo in the Super Doubles final. The clutch performance of these two junior stars must be seen to be believed.

2013 Tornado Worlds. 10 hours of incredible action! Now Available on DVD or Download!

Watch one of the most exciting DVD sets of recent years! The amazing performance of Robert Atha and Joe Hamilton. Tony Spredeman's "double". Robert Mares' best worlds ever! More than 30 different players competing for Tornado Worlds honors!

NOW AVAILABLE AS A DOWNLOAD!  If you would like the download please send an email to insidefoos1@gmail.com!

2013 Tornado National Championship DVDs

This 4 disc, 10-hour DVD set is now available for shipping. Pro Tour stars Moore, Spredeman, Loffredo, Gummeson, Rue, McMillin, Mares, Yore and Adkisson all make appeartances on this exciting DVD set.

Warrior Rocky Mountain Open DVD sets or Download

Order now for just $25. This 6 hour video set features performances from some of the greats of the game. Loffredo, Spredeman, Mares, Park...and more! Click the DVD or Download link below right to order. A link to download the videos will be sent to you within 24 hours.

2013 Texas State Championships DVDs

Enjoy 6 hours of championship action from this recent event that features some of the game's greatest players.

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