The 2016 Full Season Package. Now only $195!

Jim Stevens and Inside Foos Productions covered 15 major foosball events during the 2016 season. The download package includes every match we recorded this past season -- more than 200 hours of video!

Please click "Order Download Now" below to purchase the 2016 Full Season Package. If you would like DVDs, please follow THIS LINK.

Click HERE to view the 2016 Inside Foos Schedule of events

2015 P4P Deutsche Meisterschaft videos

$50.00. 45 euro. Videos will be ready for download now. Select Order Download Now below, right.

2015 Colorado State Championships videos

This exciting video set features action from one of foosball's most popular events. Order the donwload version and get every match we recorded during the weekend--more than 20 hours of action! Click "Order Downloads Now" or "Order DVD Package" below, right. Download links are now ready for delivery. DVDs will begin shipping the week of November 9th.


2015 Houston Battleground Open videos

This video set, recorded at Fast Eddie's in Houston, Texas, this past July, features outstanding perfromances from Tony Spredeman, Tracy McMillin, Dave Gummeson, Robert Mares., Terry Rue, Blake Robertson and others. Get more than 18 hours of action with the download version. Select either "Download" or "DVD" below, right. DVD package includes 8 hours of Open event action. Videos are now ready for delivery.


2015 National Championships Videos

Select DVDs or Downloads below, right. The download option will feature more than 14 hours of action. Videos will be ready for delivery the week of August 3rd.


2015 Florida State Championship videos

Select Download or DVD below, right. This exciting video set features performances from Tony Spredeman, Tom Yore, Bob Diaz, Blake Robertson and others. The download option will include more thamn 14 hours of action.


Jim Stevens hosts Live Foosball action at

LIVE tournament coverage from around the world!

NEXT EVENTS: 2018 Pennsylvania State Championships


2018 Inside Foos/ Live Streaming Schedule

January 26-28 IFP Kentucky State Tour Kick Off (COMPLETED)

February 23-25 Bart O'Hearn Celebration  (COMPLETED)

March 28-April 1  Las Vegas Classic (COMPLETED)

May 25-28 Texas State Championships (COMPLETED)

June 15-17 Warrior West Coast Regional (COMPLETED)

July 5-8 P4P World Championships (COMPLETED)

July 27-30 Maryland State Championships (COMPLETED)

August 24-26 Warrior Summer Splash/East Regional (COMPLETED)

August 29--September 3 Tornado World Championships (COMPLETED)

September 27-30 Pennsylvania State Championships

November 2-4 P4P German Championships

November 9-11 Colorado State Championships

2015 Hall of Fame Classic Videos

Download more than 67 different matches and more than 20 hours of action from Las Vegas! Select Download or DVD below right. DVD set will include 8 hours of Open action. Videos will be available for download beginning April 1st. A link will be sent at that time. DVDs will begin shipping the week of April 6th.


2015 Maryland State Championships Videos

Order the Downloads and get more than 16 hours of Maryland State video action!

This video set features outstanding performances from some of the sport's top players. Ryan Moore, Tony Spredeman, Todd Loffredo and Trevor Park are all featured, along with many other talented table soccer performers. Click either DVD or Download below, right. DVDs will feature 6 hours of championship action while the Download option will include every match that we recorded at the event--more than 16 hours of action! Maryland State download links will be ready for delivery March 3rd. DVDs will ship the week of March 8th.


The 2015 Inside Foos Full Season Package. 15 Events! More than 200 Hours of Action Available for Download!

Save $400 off regular single-event pricing!

Order the Inside Foos Full Season Package and get everything that we recorded duiring the 2015 season. Inside Foos covered 15 different pro tour events during 2015, including some of the best tournaments and performances of recent seasons. Order the download version and get every match we recorded during 2015--Amateur, Expert, Pro, Open and Specialty events. You'll get more than 200 hours of 2015 action! DVD Package will include more than 60 hours of Open action.

2015 Inside Foos Events:

Maryland State Championships, Hall of Fame Classic, Florida State Championships, New York State Championships, Texas State Championships, North Carolina Battle in the Mountains, Warrior Desert Classic,Tornado Nationals, Houston Battleground Open, Warrior Summer Splash, Tornado Worlds, Nebraska State Championships, Colorado State Championships, P4P German Championships and Bart O'Hearn Celebration.

2014 Warrior Super Doubles Videos

This video set features one of the great offensive performances of recent years as Blake Robertson & Bill Bell won the Super Doubles title. Get more than 9 hours of action with the Download version.

Click "Order Download Now" or "Order DVD Package" below, right.


2014 Colorado State Championship Videos

This video set, recorded in Thornton, Colorado this past November 7-9, includes some sensational action from one of America's best table soccer events. Order the download version and get more than 18 hours of action! You'll see amazing performances from Ryan Moore, Todd Loffredo, Tony Spredeman, Trevor Park, Gummeson & McMillin and more! Please choose either Downloads or DVDs below. DVD set includes 8 hours of championship action.


2014 P4P Deutsche Meisterschaft Videos (German Championships)

Order either the download or DVD version. The download version includes all the matches that Inside Foos recorded in Bonn, Germany this past October 31-November 2. Click "Order Download Now" for downloads. A link will be sent within a few hours.

Click HERE for Match Listings

2014 Bart O'Hearn Celebration Videos.

Get DVDs or Downloads of this prestigious event recorded in Austin, Texas October 24-26. The Download version will include every match recorded by Inside Foos at the event, as well as the Bart O'Hearn Memorial Ceremony. Select DVD or Download below, right. Videos will be ready for delivery the week of November 17.

Click HERE for Match Listings

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