INSIDE FOOS PRODUCTIONS: Covering the world of pro Table Soccer since 1993. More than 180 titles available!

Inside Foos Productions has been the official video producers of the American professional Foosball tour for the past 25 years.  Our videos are digitally recorded using a multi-camera set-up and feature the play-by-play commentary of Hall of Fame announcer Jim Stevens, with analysis from some of the sport's top professional players. In 2006 Inside Foos Productions also began covering the biggest events in the world of international table soccer, which has resulted in even greater exposure for the exciting sport of Table Soccer. From beginning players to the world's top players, Inside Foos Videos and Full Season Packages are enjoyed for their entertainment and instructional value by "Foosers" in more than 40 different countries. To watch a collection of short Inside Foos Highlight Clips please visit the InsideFoos Channel at For questions about our Videos, or anything pertaining to the world of table soccer, please email INSIDEFOOS1@GMAIL.COM.