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Foosball Hall of Fame

2011 Hall of Famers Inducted in Las Vegas ceremony

From left to right: Mike Belz, John Smith and Kathy Brainard

The Table Soccer Hall of Fame

The Table Soccer Hall of Fame
Founded by Johnny Lott in 1986, the Table Soccer Hall of Fame offers modern day foosers the chance to look back and remember the players and influential people who have helped make the sport of foosball what it is today. Each year at the season opening event in Las Vegas, the newest Hall of Fame members are introduced in a formal ceremony hosted by Induction Committee Chairman Jim Stevens (pictured).

DIETER THIELE Inducted 2005

Germany's Dieter Thiele was the first european player to make a big impact in America with top 3 finishes at the Tornado World Championships.

MARCIO BONILLA inducted 1986

MARCIO BONILLA inducted 1986
A native of Costa Rica, Marcio first played the game more than half a century ago, in 1949. He won the 1972 national singles title and paired with Larry Folk to earn a doubles victory at the 1973 event. Bonilla was also an original member of the Tournament Soccer promo team touring the country from 1974-77 promoting the sport of foosball and was condidered one of the sport's truly nice guys.

TERRY MOORE inducted 2008

TERRY MOORE inducted 2008
Considered one of the true greats of the game, Moore began his pro career in the early 1990s and went on to win more than 50 individual titles during that decade. He has earned nine world titles during his illustrious career, and revolutionized the sport back in 1992 when he became the first player to ever win a major tour title using the roll-over "snake" shot.

GIL JACKSON inducted 2008

GIL JACKSON inducted 2008 One of the game's greatest goalies, Gil and partner Todd Loffredo shocked the foosball world back in 1977 when, as 17-year-olds, they won the world Open Doubles title in St. Louis. Jackson, who died in a 1982 Motorcycle accident remains one of the sport's truly legendary figures.

TOM SPEAR inducted 2007

TOM SPEAR inducted 2007 Spear was one of the greats of the Tournament Soccer era, but went on to also become renowned as a smooth-passing, smart-shooting player on the Dynamo and Tornado tours as well. Tom's performance in the Open Singles event at the 1994 World Championships remains one of the sport's most special moments.

DAVE GUMMESON inducted 2009

DAVE GUMMESON inducted 2009Dave's three decades as a player have netted him every major title in the sport. Dave has earned titles on the TS, Dynamo and Tornado tours, in singles doubles and mixed doubles. "Gummy's" awesome performance at the 1995 Tornado worlds in Dallas earned him the Open Singles title in a performance still talked about as one of the sport's strongest.

BILLY SUMPTION inducted 1986

BILLY SUMPTION inducted 1986This South Dakota foosball legend first played foosball in 1961. He was one of the game's earliest stars, teaming with partner Tom Hansen to dominate competition in the early 1970s. Sumption, who still loves to teach the game, was the mentor to such upper midwest greats as Jim Wiswell, Mike Belz and Brent Bednar.

BOB HAYES Inducted 1986

BOB HAYES Inducted 1986Bob, a former Dallas tavern owner, designed the first American-made table, the Tornado, in 1970. Setting a standard of table quality that continues to this day, Hayes built a durable piece of equipment that would withstand the rigors of heavy everyday use. This allowed foosball to become a commercial vending success and help make the game more popular throughout the country .


LAWRENCE PATTERSON Inducted 1986 Patterson was the founding father of coin-operated foosball in the United States, importing tables from Germany, built according to his own specifications in 1962. He was also involved with the running of the first local tournaments in 1969. One of the game's true pioneers.

JIM STEVENS Inducted 2006

JIM STEVENS Inducted 2006A former pro player, Jim Stevens moved to the broadcast booth in the early 1990's and created the art of "fooscasting". He formed Inside Foos Productions in 1994 with partner (and top lady player) Christina Fuchs and since then he has covered more than 150 state, regional and major pro tour events, both domestically and internationally.

CINDY HEAD Inducted 2006

CINDY HEAD Inducted 2006This great Alabama fooser has won more than 70 times on the major professional tour and has earned a record 36 World Championship titles during her amazing career, 15 more than any other player. One of the sport's truly dominating performers, she earned a remarkable nine straight world singles championships from 1986-94 and added doubles titles in eight of those years.

TODD LOFFREDO Inducted 2005

TODD LOFFREDO Inducted 2005Generally recognized as the greatest player in the history of American foosball, Todd Loffredo has earned more than eighty major titles during the course of his nearly three-decade-long career. Still considered one of the sports best, Todd has teamed with partner Frederic Collignon to win 8 of the last 11 Tornado world doubles titles, while also earning 3 world championships on the European tour.
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